Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Miss LA 2009

Life at the "White House"

I just love saying the "White House"! haha

A couple weekends ago, I was asked by Kayle to help with the Miss LA's Outstanding Teen Pageant. I've done it once before and was so eager to do it again. We had a BLAST to say the least!!!! Everyone was so wonderful. It's amazing how when you're all on the same track and focused how well things work out! I just loved every part of the weekend that I didn't want it to end! We were even invited to the national pageant in Orlando in August...that's right...we are the BEST hostesses ever! Then, last weekend was the Miss LA Pageant. We get to go every year since Russell is the Capital One Representative. They are a major sponsor for this event throughout the state. I, naturally, went shopping for a dress and found the perfect one for me. I loved it so much...and the shoes! We had a blast getting out of the house and doing something just the 2 of us ( of course, Trent prob woulda loved it since it was all pretty girls!) We ended up at the ball which is always nice and had great company. It is always a great atmosphere with amazing people present!

Father's Day was great! Trent made Russell his own personalized coffee mug which he loved. It really was so cute. I told him this was his project and that I would hold the handle while he decorated it. He wrote on it "I Love You Daddy...Love, Trent". It was so sweet and I think Russell loved it! We had lunch at maws which is always so much fun.

This week has been Vacation Bible School for our church, Fair Park Baptist. Trent is having a blast and learning lots! I am helping mom with music. Of course I can't keep up with her and all her energy, but she is so amazing....totally my role model!

Everything else is going great. Just enjoying the summer and spending time with my little man. I can't believe I'm about to start planning his 6th birthday party. WOW...time flies!
That's all for now.

Hugs and Kisses for everyone :)


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Disney World 2009

Well, I hardly know where to begin on this awesome trip my family took to Disney World at the end of May. We had 10 wonderful days of excitement and adventure. We visited all 4 parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. They were all so amazing, we had to visit each of them 2 times!

We arrived and hit the ground running. We couldn't wait to start our journey at each park. Magic Kingdom was first. WOW... I went when I was a child, but I guess since I have a child now it meant so much more to me just to see his face light up everytime we saw something, no matter how big or small. Magic Kingdom was so much fun to walk through that we didn't finish in one day. The night we were there, they had the light up parade and fireworks over the kingdom. I had chill bumps during the whole thing!

We visited Animal Kingdom and had a blast. We went on a safari which was incredible. We were in a typical safari truck with lots of seats but were right by the animals, literally! They had a day parade and Trent thought he could be apart of it. I don't know if it's his red hair or his out-going personality, but everyone was just drawn to him. Of course I ate it up!!! There was a band playing and Trent naturally loves to dance. He got right out in the middle of the crowd and started doing his thing. Next thing I know is everyone is cheering him on and he is lovin it!

Epcot was so much fun. We rode in the Epcot Ball (which everyone has to do!) and got to see our pictures afterwards. That was a fun thing to do with my family as I remember doing it as a child with my parents. They had a ride, Soaring, which we rode several times. It made you think you were parasailing through different sceneries and seasons of the year. As you passed through the season, the smell of what time of the year it was filled the air! Amazing! We also loved the ride, Test Track. Fast and fun is how Trent described it! There were many characters at each park, especially Epcot, so we had to make our visits with them everytime we saw one!

Hollywood Studios was by far my fav. We walked in to them performing High School Musical 3 and wow what a fun thing to watch. Trent had a blast watching that! His 2 favorite things at the park were the Indiana Jones show and the Star Wars show/ride. He even got a light saber from the Star Wars shop. (we're not really into all that stuff, it was just cool!) They had a light/laser/firework show at night and due to the rain thought it was going to be cancelled, but at the last minute all came together and we were able to stay and watch. It's amazing how they make all the productions go as smoothly as they do. They were truly unbelievable.

We celebrated Russell's 32nd birthday while we were there. I definitely recommend the 50s Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios. The hostesses are a hoot and the place is typical 50s style. Great food, I might add as well! (esp the milkshakes)

It rained on us everyday, but it didn't slow us down. We did have to make a couple runs to Walmart for ponchos cause we kept ripping all of ours, but we didn't let it bother us!

Our hotel, Pop Century Resort, was so amazing. We were in the 60s part of the resort. It went from the 50s to the 90s. Each part had it's own pool and services within. The lobby was huge and wow what a gift shop they had! I definitely recommend staying there!

As you can tell, we had an amazing time at Disney World. Neither Russell, Trent or myself wanted to come home. I think we already are planning our trip back there!!!